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I’ve covered crime for the Calgary Herald since 2001. It’s a job that rarely takes me outside of southern Alberta, but nevertheless offers an up-close view of things few people will ever see firsthand — if they’re lucky. I’ve been welcomed into the homes of truamatized victims, been kicked out of hospitals, sat for hours in courtrooms and visited prisons.

Some of the people I’ve met along the way are courageous, inspiring citizens who represent the best our society has to offer; some are criminals who prey on others and represent society at its worst; others are simply ordinary people who get caught in some horrible event that brings me to their doorstep. Many of them remain firmly planted in my memory, even after almost a decade on the beat.

I can be seen regularly on Access TV’s nightly current affairs program, Alberta Primetime, as a member of the show’s weekly crime panel. I have been a guest on CNN Headline News, CBC Radio’s Calgary Eyeopener and on Crime and Punishment, heard nationally on the Corus and Rawlco radio networks. I’m also widely quoted in a chapter about Calgary’s long-running gang war in the recently-released book, Gangs in Canada, by Jeff Pearce. (Quagmire Press, ISBN 978-1-926695-07-5).

In 2008, I was part of a team of Herald reporters honoured with a Citation of Merit at the National Newspaper Awards for coverage of the Lall family murders in Calgary.


5 responses to “About

  1. Emma

    Good job, Jason.

  2. mieke

    fun.well, can we call crime fun?nice to see your creative juices spilling about.hope all is well.

  3. Jan

    Your writing style reflects your lack of education and logic ability.

  4. jasonvanrassel

    Anyone who thinks “logic ability” is proper English should think twice before insulting my education and command of the language.

  5. A. van Rassel

    Hi Jason,

    From a dark Holland (4.16 pm) I would like to say hello – first of all.
    Seen the name you have (van Rassel) you must be a familymember in some way… If you like to have a chat or so, please email me. I’m very pleased to find out that you’re a journalist covering crime affairs. I hope you find a way to open the world and make changes possible for making laws better for those who are not in power to decide what the do.


    Arre van Rassel

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