A new blog era

Judging by the trickle of comments that still come in and the clicks on various posts I’ve made over the years, it seems there’s still some interest in my work even though I haven’t updated this blog in almost a year.

Looking at the dearth of updates, it’s surely no surprise to anyone that I had trouble finding the time and energy to keep this blog going in the long term. Although I linked to articles I wrote for the Calgary Herald, I started this blog out of my own initiative and as such, I was judicious about not using work time to update it.

It’s time to wind down this blog — but this decision marks a beginning, rather than an end: the Calgary Herald recently launched a crime blog on its website, and I’m hoping you’ll join me there.

I’m excited about the chance to continue blogging in a new venue. What I especially like about the set-up is that it’s a group blog, so I won’t be solely responsible for keeping it up to date. That’s great, because let’s face it: I’m not that prolific or insightful. Self-interest aside, the new format is a chance for you to hear from my talented Herald colleagues, namely fellow crime reporters Sherri Zickefoose and Stephane Massinon.

There’s a lot of material on this blog about a lot of cases that attracted the interest of Calgarians over the years. Considering the amount of visitors it continues to receive, it appears to remain a resource that people continue to find useful. For that reason, I plan to leave this blog online for the foreseeable future. I hope people continue to find it useful, but what I’m really hoping is that you follow me to the Herald’s new blog.

Thanks to all for reading.



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  1. SAP

    Thanks for the notification on the Herald’s crime blog. I have read yours from time to time as well.

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