FK gang figure back in jail

The violence between FOB and FK has died down in recent months, but there’s ample evidence their criminal business is continuing.

Last week, police arrested convicted killer Vuthy Kong and charged him with seven drug-related offences. Police allege they spotted Kong dropping off narcotics to drug houses in the Albert Park/Radisson Heights area during an investigation targeting street-level trafficking in the neighbourhood.

Despite the trifling amounts of marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone police allegedly found, a judge denied Kong bail yesterday, citing nine convictions for violating bail conditions.

Kong, 26, has a criminal record stretching back to 2002 — a rap sheet that started with a manslaughter conviction for fatally stabbing Adam Miu during a fight outside a downtown karaoke bar. Miu wasn’t a gang member, but the fight angered people who were. The killing came shortly after infighting among FOB gang members caused some — including Kong — to align with a breakaway faction that called itself the FOB Killers, or FK. The former friends-turned-enemies had clashed mainly with fists and crude weapons before (though FK member Brandon Boychuk was shot and wounded at a house party in 2001), but Miu’s slaying set in motion an escalating cycle of violence and retribution that has been responsible for at least 24 more killings since.

For arcane legal reasons, Calgary police will no longer publicly identify anyone as a gang member. The history, on the other hand, speaks for itself — as does an internal Calgary police document listing FK gang members that somehow ended up in the hands of FOB associates before police recovered it in a raid in 2008. Kong’s scowling countenance is among the 37 mugshots in the document.


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    Hello there. Would you be able to give me the links to where you found this information? Your work really intrigues me, and what you have found is perfect for a research paper I’m writing for the Grant MacEwan University. However, I am restricted to using information from a blog. If you could help me out that would be absolutely great! Thanks.

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