Trial reveals killing’s gang links

With the beginning of the murder trial of Tyler Lee Nolet this week, it has finally become clear how the case fits into Calgary’s gang war.

Aside from the obvious violence in the outcome, it wasn’t immediately apparent that the killing of Kenneth Wong in 2008 had any connection to the deadly conflict between FOB and the FOB Killers. It’s alleged Nolet took a porcelain toilet tank lid from the washroom at Cowboys nightclub and smashed Wong twice in the head. Wong fell to the floor, fatally injured, and died later in hospital.

Sources began telling me shortly after that the killing was gang-related, and by the time I wrote my article on the history of the gang war and composed the accompanying graphic drawing connections between all the murders, I was able to establish that Wong was associated with people in FOB. I also later found out Nolet had his own associations with FK: he was present at an unsolved nightclub killing where FK members have been implicated — though it’s important to add that Nolet is not considered a suspect in that case.

Still, a motive behind Wong’s crime was frustratingly elusive — and when I finally did find out, I was prevented from reporting anything due to the publication ban imposed during Nolet’s preliminary inquiry.

Evidence presented during the trial has revealed that Nolet believed Wong was responsible for stabbing him two years earlier, in 2006. It’s alleged Nolet attacked Wong after seeing him inside Cowboys on the night of the killing — whether it was a simple act of revenge or a pre-emptive strike depends on whose testimony is to be believed.


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