Verbal stickhandling tonight on Alberta Primetime

For the second time in recent weeks, I’ll be sporting my Montréal Canadiens tie on Alberta Primetime as my beloved Habs once again face elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hey — it worked two weeks ago against Washington, so why not? Calgary defence lawyer David Andrews and I will occupy our usual spots on the show’s weekly crime panel, joined tonight in the Edmonton studio by retired police officer Jack Kraus. Here’s what we’ll talk about — bearing in mind we rarely get through the whole agenda (I blame Andrews!):

  • A case in Edmonton involving a police officer who shot a man four times while on duty. The officer was cleared by an internal investigation, but the Law Enforcement Review Board recently overturned that finding. How are complaints against police and allegations of misconduct handled in Alberta? Is there a need for change?
  • The federal government’s move this week to reform Canada’s pardon system — starting with the name: they’ll now be called “record suspensions.” If the government’s bill passes, applicants will have to wait longer before getting one as well as meet a higher burden to prove they’re deserving — and sex offenders need not apply.
  • An NDP MP’s private member’s bill (Bill C-232) mandating that all Supreme Court justices be bilingual has passed the House of Commons. Is it necessary? Is it fair?

(Alberta Primetime airs live at 7 p.m. MDT on Access TV: Channel 13 in Calgary; Channel 351 on Bell TV; Channel 267 on Shaw Direct/Star Choice. You can visit the show’s segment archive to view past discussions about crime and other topics.)


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