Jumpstarting a stalled homicide probe

Last week was the eighth anniversary of the unsolved killing of Terrie Ann Dauphinais, a 24-year-old mother of three who was found dead in her northwest Calgary home on April 29, 2002.

Investigators have always believed Terrie knew her killer because her home on Citadel Peak Circle N.W. bore no signs of forced entry — but despite having such a small pool of suspects, police haven’t been able to crack the case.

Terrie Ann Dauphinais

Homicide detectives named Terrie’s estranged husband, Ken Dauphinais, as a person of interest in the case, and he remains so to this day. Ken, who also goes by the name Ken Person, now lives in Saskatoon with the couple’s children and hasn’t spoken to police since the early days of the investigation.

Memories fade after eight years, which is why police and Calgary Crime Stoppers have filmed a re-enactment of Terrie’s killing. They hope the clip will jog someone’s memory and prompt someone with new information — or someone with information they’ve previously withheld — to come forward.

So do I.



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3 responses to “Jumpstarting a stalled homicide probe

  1. SAP

    I’m sure the Police have looked into all these things, but strange is the fact that Terrie and Ken bought the house from the “then” pastor/church. Unless they were able to check with land titles, which they probably did and withholding the info…I understand that, however it would be nice to know whether all of that was on the up and up legal. If not, the pastor/church needs to be investigated, if not already, imho anyway. For Ken not hardly ever going to the church, when the final crunch came, they really catered to him and protected him. There’s a glitch there somewhere.

    • SAP

      Not that I feel the pastor or other members had anything to do with the murder; more like there was interference at the justice end of it. Some of them know what the POI said to them, his actions and what he loooked like after, and it could shed a tiny clue if they spoke to Police.
      It was so very wrong and unethical for a Pastor to lawyer someone up with a top-notch criminal lawyer while knowing so little about what happened that night and especially one whom they rarely saw. I presume they had seen Terrie alot with bruises and that imo is enough to raise doubts but apparently it didn’t. That also raises doubt and questions of how women are viewed by that particular sect of worship.

      • SAP

        Having had a few years to rethink all this, and owing to the fact that there had been alot of nonsense created after which the persons who were standing by … finally decided to tell what they knew … retreat was rapid. Why? Let me put it this way … if I were telling a lie over and over and then finally one day someone showed up to put me in my place, i would hightail also (because I couldn’t prove my lie).On the other hand, if I were telling the truth, I would stand my ground. Most people do this! Unfortunately after the horrible pain Terrie endured and the undignified treatment of body by the wretched church … especially after Terrie had done so much for the church and gave money, that they were so damn cheap to not even present her cleaned and in a proper viewing casket …As if that isn’t horrendous enough treatment of a fine young woman … and then someone uses her to gain a place as a spokesperson in the limelight of organizations!! RIP Terrie. .

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