On Alberta Primetime: April 28

Next to the Don Cherry-like flamboyance of Calgary defence lawyer David Andrews, my sartorial choices have more of a Ron MacLean understatement to them, but the Montréal Canadiens’ do-or-die  Game 7 against Washington tonight has forced me to wear my Canadiens tie tonight for good luck.

But I guess viewers don’t tune into Alberta Primetime’s weekly crime panel for the clothes — at least not mine, anyway: people (hopefully) watch for our sharp observations on law and order. Andrews and I will be in our usual seats in Calgary tonight, with consultant and youth justice advocate Mark Cherrington joining us from the show’s studio in Edmonton. Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  • “Sébastien’s Law”: proposed amendments to the Youth Criminal Justice Act designed to toughen penalties for violent and repeat offenders.
  • Sentences for people convicted of abusing animals. Are they enough?

(Alberta Primetime airs live at 7 p.m. MDT on Access TV: Channel 13 in Calgary; Channel 351 on Bell TV; Channel 267 on Shaw Direct/Star Choice. You can visit the show’s segment archive to view past discussions about crime and other topics.)


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