Prison time for “Old West” shootout

Four men with long links to Calgary’s FK gang are going to prison for opening fire on a carload of rival gangsters in Chinatown in 2008.

A judge handed Shaun Roberts and Daniel Landry six-year sentences, and gave Landry’s brother, Marcel, and Chantha Kim 4.5 years each for their roles in a gunfight the prosecutor described as “reminiscent of the Old West.”

The group was in an Acura on the night of Nov. 16, 2008 when they spotted an Infiniti being driven by Hans (Jay) Eastgaard — a veteran member of the enemy FOB gang.

Occupants of  both vehicles opened fire on each other at Centre Street and 2nd Avenue S.E., resulting in wounds to Eastgaard and his passengers, Matt Chubak, Nathan Zuccherato and Timothy Chan — all of whom are linked to FOB.

In the FK car, Roberts was wounded by a bullet that struck him in the face. The FK group sped from the scene, but alert officers spotted their Acura leaving the scene, followed it to the northwest and pulled it over not far from the home of one of the occupants.

Since 2002, the war between FOB and FK has been responsible for at least 25 homicides and many more unsolved shootings not unlike the Chinatown gunfight. The prison terms handed out Friday will put four veterans of the conflict out of commission, at least for the near future.

No one from FOB was charged in connection with the gunfight, but the time since the shooting hasn’t been kind to three of them: two months later, someone killed Chubak, 20, in a drive-by shooting; Eastgaard, 33, is serving a 5.5-year sentence for another gun incident; Zuccherato, 23, is one of four men charged with first-degree murder in connection with the New Year’s Day shooting in 2009 that killed FK member Sanjeev Mann, his friend Aaron Bendle and a bystander, Keni Su’a.

With so many people from both sides dead or in jail, things on the streets have been quiet in recent months. Friday’s sentences should help put a lid on one of the few remaining flashpoints between the enemies: the Calgary Remand Centre. Although members of FOB and FK are housed on separate units, they have occasionally crossed paths inside — and a violent clash is usually the result.

The large federal prison system, however, gives authorities the option of sending rival gang members to different institutions. It’s likely the Landry brothers, Kim and Roberts will go to Drumheller Institution. Eastgaard and others connected to FOB, on the other hand, usually serve their sentences at Bowden Institution in central Alberta.


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