Rosscarrock homicide drug-related

Homicide investigators are still looking for the suspects in Wednesday’s homicide in Rosscarrock, but had enough information on Thursday to say the killing was likely drug-related. They also know the victim’s identity, but haven’t released his name to the media because his family still needs to be notified.

Here are a couple of things for residents to keep in mind if they’re uneasy about a homicide in their neighbourhood: investigators believe the suspects and the victim knew each other and don’t live in the area. It appears, then, the alley where the killing happened was arbitrarily and quickly chosen as a meeting place away from prying eyes on the street.

If investigators’ suspicions about the case turn out to be correct, then residents of Rosscarrock have little to worry about: the killers don’t live in their midst, and the crime wasn’t connected to a drug den in the neighbourhood. Crime came to their doorsteps briefly, violently and tragically, but Rosscarrock is the same neighbourhood it was before Wednesday night.


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