Alberta Primetime, Feb. 24

With this week’s Alberta Primetime crime panel, uh, “competing” for viewers against what will likely be an epic Olympic hockey quarterfinal between Canada and Russia, perhaps this is a good time to remind people they can also catch this week’s discussion on the show’s segment archive. It should be a good discussion between retired Edmonton police officer Jack Kraus, Grant MacEwan University criminologist Bill Pitt, and me — whenever you may decide to watch it.

The scheduled topics are:

  • An application by several oil and gas companies to have the courts impose a peace bond against convicted oilpatch bomber Wiebo Ludwig and two other members of his group, who have set up a protest camp near a sour gas well near their Hythe-area farm.
  • An undercover operation in Calgary that resulted in charges against 50 people allegedly buying and selling sex on the street. Police admit, however, that street-level prostitution represents only a fraction of the sex trade.
  • The pros and cons of keeping an eye on neighbourhood crime, following the beating of a Calgary man who took pictures of a group of people vandalizing his roomate’s truck. How much to police rely on the public to be their eyes and ears?

The show airs live, so I plan to record the hockey game and watch it when I get home — no spoilers, please! And GO CANADA GO!

(Alberta Primetime airs live at 7 p.m. MST on Access TV: Channel 13 in Calgary; Channel 351 on Bell TV; Channel 267 on Shaw Direct/Star Choice.)


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