End of the line for Jackie Tran?

The Federal Court of Canada issued a decision today, saying it will not review a deportation order against reputed gangster Jackie Tran.

Tran and his lawyers have been fighting a protacted legal battle to allow him to remain in Canada, but even his lawyer, Raj Sharmatold the Herald he believes this latest ruling means Tran will be deported back to his native Vietnam.

Today’s decision upholds an order deporting Tran on the grounds of “serious criminality.” The Immigration and Refugee Board has also issued a deportation order on the basis Tran belongs to a criminal organization — the FOB Killers gang — but Sharma was in the process of seeking a judicial review of that order, too.

Despite the ongoing proceedings over the second deportation order, Sharma told me he believes today’s court decision clears the Canada Border Services Agency to carry out Tran’s deportation.

The CBSA, meanwhile, is reviewing the court’s decision and hasn’t yet said how it will proceed.

One gets the sense that this saga isn’t over.


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