Appeal for tips in slain gangster case

Nearly four months after the unsolved shooting death of David Tajali, a former Vancouver-area man with extensive involvement in gang violence in B.C., Calgary police are appealing for tips from the public.

Calgary police handout photo of David Tajali

Someone shot Tajali and his younger brother, Niki, at about 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 6, near the intersection of 4th Street and 18th Avenue S.W. Police and paramedics found Tajali, 33, fatally wounded behind the wheel of his black BMW. Niki Tajali showed up at a Calgary hospital some time later and survived the attack.

Investigators revealed today that Tajali was at the nearby BLVD Lounge just prior to the shooting and they believe there are people who were inside the establishment who haven’t yet come forward. Police released two pictures of Tajali in the hope someone will recognize him and contact police with some heretofore unknown information about what happened.

With the case unsolved, it’s impossible to know if Tajali was killed to settle a score over something that happened in B.C., prior to his move to Calgary about a year before the shooting. It’s also possible the motive behind Tajali’s killing sprang from a local beef, but investigators say they don’t have any obvious evidence he was involved in criminal activity after arriving in Calgary.


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