New page: Unsolved in Calgary

Covering crime is, at its most elemental, about reporting the news. But when I show up on the doorstep of a grieving family, I do so with the hope some good may also come from what I do. Sometimes that simply means providing an accurate accounting of what happened and giving people a chance to have their say.

In the case of unsolved crimes, however, there’s an opportunity to do more: continued publicity and exposure can generate tips that could ultimately help solve a case. With that goal in mind, I’ve created a page profiling some unsolved cases that I’ve covered over the years, including the homicides of Terrie Ann Dauphinais, Helena Mihaljevic, Mark Poovong and Aaron Shoulders.

I plan to add more cases over time — and nothing would please me more than removing some of the existing ones in the event they’re solved.


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Filed under Administrative, Domestic violence, Gangs, Homicide, Unsolved crime

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