More crime talk on Primetime

A full slate of topics awaits the Alberta Primetime crime panel on Wednesday night. Consultant and former Edmonton police chief Fred Rayner, Calgary defence lawyer David Andrews and I promise a lively and informative discussion on the following issues:

  • Proposed legislation from the federal government that would require Internet service providers to report websites containing child pornography and any suspected child exploitation crime committed by one of their users.
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently called Canada’s youth crime laws “a failure,” but British researchers say our country is a model worth copying. Who’s right?
  • The use of handguns in homicides following harsh comments made earlier this month by a Calgary judge while handing a drug dealer an automatic life sentence for shooting another man on a downtown street.

(Alberta Primetime airs live at 7 p.m. MST on Access TV: Channel 13 in Calgary; Channel 351 on Bell TV; Channel 267 on Shaw Direct/Star Choice. You can visit the Alberta Primetime segment archive to view past discussions on crime and other topics.)


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