Have gun, will travel

If the shooting of David Tajali, a B.C. gangster who had been living in Calgary for the past year, wasn’t evidence enough that criminals and gangs are constantly on the move, consider the case of Brandon Prevey.

The RCMP said yesterday that they believe Prevey’s killing earlier this year in Red Deer may have stemmed from a long-running dispute he had with Calgary’s FOB gang.

What makes Prevey’s case hard to figure out is that he was once a member of the Edmonton-based Crazy Dragons, a gang that has a history of co-operation with FOB. A few years ago, Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta reported that the Crazy Dragons were supplying guns to FOB as the gang waged a bloody war on Calgary streets against the FOB Killers.

Prevey’s killing in Red Deer, possibly at the hands of former allies, shows how volatile relationships among criminals can be — and how jurisdictional boundaries mean nothing to them.

“It’s all about making money. It’s business,” acting Staff Sgt. Gord Eiriksson of the Calgary police organized crime operations centre told reporters yesterday.

Well put.


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