Shooting kills gangster with B.C. links

Myself and Calgary Herald colleague Gwendolyn Richards got the story first: former Vancouver-area criminal David Tajali is the victim of this morning’s deadly shooting in Calgary.

At this point, however, Tajali’s identity is one of the few things known for certain in a case that raises several ominous possibilities.

The key question now is whether enemies followed Tajali here from B.C.’s Lower Mainland (where he survived an earlier attempt on his life, and an innocent man was murdered in a case of mistaken identity) — or whether he was killed because of something he was involved in here.

If it’s the latter case, it will be interesting to see whether Tajali’s shooting has any implications for Calgary’s long-running war between FOB and the FOB Killers. Prior to moving to Calgary a year or two ago, Tajali was part of Persian-based gang and was later tied with the Lower Mainland’s notorious United Nations gang.

The UN gang has longstanding links with the FOB Killers: longtime FK member Bill Ly recently returned to Calgary after spending a lengthy period of time living on the West Coast. In previous court testimony, Calgary police gang investigators have identified FK member Troy Tran as a UN associate.

Regardless of what turns out to be the case, this isn’t good news for the citizens of Calgary.



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