UPDATE: Roland Chin back in prison

A little more than a month after he was freed from a federal prison on statutory release, FOB gang member Roland Chin is back behind bars.

Calgary police monitoring Chin since his release arrested him Thursday, following a traffic stop where they found him wearing body armour and allegedly carrying a cellphone and a folding knife. Authorities are alleging Chin violated a condition prohibiting him from carrying a cellphone, and another release term banning him from associating with gang members.

The incident means Chin, 25, is headed back to Bowden Institution and his statutory release has been suspended. Corrections officials will review the circumstances surrounding his arrest and could decide to revoke his release.

In real terms, revoking Chin’s release won’t keep him out of circulation for long. Although Chin has previously been denied parole, statutory release is mandated by law at the two-thirds mark of an offender’s sentence. Chin would be eligible again when he reaches the two-thirds mark between his suspension date and the end of his sentence in 2010.


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