As I was saying…

Admittedly, it wasn’t a huge leap in logic for me to say last week that the war between FOB and FK will continue. This time, someone fired several shots at a home in Panorama Hills on Tuesday night before speeding off. No one was hurt.

Although the latest shooting — the first in awhile — comes not too long after FOB veteran Roland Chin returned to Calgary after almost two years in prison, it WOULD be a leap in logic to assume there’s a connection. It’s not like the bloodshed stopped or slowed while Chin was behind bars: in fact, 13 of the 25 killings connected to the gang war happened while Chin was in prison.

Members of FOB and FK have shot at each other in the streets, in clubs and in restaurants — and venture out among the law-abiding public carrying concealed handguns and wearing body armour in preparation for the next time. They watch and follow rival gang members, waiting for the best opportunity to take a shot. That’s how they operated before Chin went to prison, while he was there, and they’ll continue that way now that he’s out.


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