The war between FOB and the FOB Killers has been responsible for at least 25 homicides.

In all likelihood, there are even more — the evidence just hasn’t emerged to connect them yet.

Getting evidence in gang-related killings has proven a monumental task for investigators. After all, gang members aren’t interested in turning to the police for justice. They’d rather take care of things themselves.

So it was a big break for police, then, when investigators arrested a suspect in connection with the shooting that killed three people dining at Calgary’s Bolsa Restaurant on New Year’s Day: Gunmen shot FOB Killers member Sanjeev Mann and his friend Aaron Bendle as they sat at a table inside. They also killed Keni Su’a, an innocent witness, as he ran from the restaurant.

Monday’s arrest marks only the third time police have laid charges in connection with the gang war’s 25 homicides. (Vuthy Kong was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing Adam Miu during a brawl in 2002; Tyler Lee Nolet is awaiting trial for second-degree murder in connection with the killing of Kenneth Wong, who was bludgeoned with a toilet tank lid during a fight at Cowboys night club in 2008.)

At least two others were involved in the New Year’s Day shootings — one has to think investigators are closing in on them.

I’ve often said that if police could crack one of the unsolved cases, it would open the floodgates to more arrests because so many of the killings are so closely connected.

Stay tuned….



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